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Melissa Jimenez is a Spanish sports journalist, born in Belgium with an Italian mother. Due to her passion for motorcycling, her career is completely linked to this sport. As well as being a journalist, presenter and celebrity, she is married to Marc Bartra, a Spanish footballer who plays as a central defender for Real Betis, with whom she has three children; Gala, Abril and Max Bartra. It was always clear to her that she wanted to dedicate herself to journalism and work in the Moto GP World Championship.
Melissa studied Communication Sciences in Barcelona and before finishing her studies, she started working in different media such as Onda Rambla and 25TV. Once she finished her degree, she moved to Madrid and began to collaborate with Marca TV where she took part in programmes such as Tiramillas, Marca Motor, Marca Player, and Zamoras y Pichichis. Later, SKY Italia proposed her to join the media to broadcast motorcycling races and Melissa ended up in the Italian city of Milan, where she became head of press for "Forward Racing" in Moto2.

After a call from the Mediaset media group, she packed her bags and settled in Spain, where she replaced Lara Álvarez in the motorcycling broadcasts. In addition, in 2016 she was invited to 'Tu cara me suena' to imitate Nelly Furtado.


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