Eugenia Lopez-Fonta 


Eugenia Lopez-Fonta, with a career specializing in digital marketing, began her career in the field of communication in recognized brands in the fashion industry. In May 2022, she started her own fashion podcast entitled "The Fashion Korner Podcast". In just one year, this project managed to consolidate itself as one of the most popular podcasts in Spain and reach the number one position in fashion in the country.

The main purpose of Kekis Korner is the creation of a digital project dedicated exclusively to communication in the fashion industry. Through its podcast and various social platforms, it strives to bring its audience the latest news, curiosities, updates and stories from the fashion industry.


MO, Bimba y Lola, Sezane, MarĂ­a de la Orden Studio, Polene, Scalpers Company, Levis, St Moritz, La Roca Village, Mus&Bombon, 080Bcn, Triangl


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