Ana Boyer 


Business, Celeb, Family, Fashion


Ana Boyer is the daughter of Isabel Preysler and Miguel Boyer. Since she was very young, Ana has known what fame is and how to capture the media's interest in who her parents were.
Nowadays she has become an icon on social media, where she has a community of almost 300,000 followers. She triumphs because of the looks she uploads, which are so highly praised by the press. And also for her family and close lifestyle.
She has been married to tennis player Fernando Verdasco since 2017, with whom she has two children together. Before dedicating herself to the world of the networks, Ana studied at the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas
and later, she worked in a strategic consulting firm.
In her forties, she created a business project with her husband, which unites their greatest passions: fashion and sport. The couple launched a brand of hats, called Cocowi Brand, "for freedom-loving
for freedom-lovers, those who care about their well-being and those who never stop.


Rabat, Isdin, Hoff The Brand, Falconeri, Trucco, Moet et Chandon, Mayoral kids, E´lifexir, Atashi cellular cosmetics.



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